Run Training

Why Do I Need A Coach?

This is a great question. This is a question I had when I started. I just wanted to lose weight and get in shape. So I went and bought a cheap pair of running shoes...why pay over $100 when I can get a pair for $24.99...and started running. 

Well the shoes were the wrong size and were exactly the wrong type I needed. I had no idea how to run correctly or how to train. I ended up damaging my knee due to poor form and wrong shoes. I was sore enough to have to stop for days and still couldnt make it 1 mile.

When we team up we will build a system of nutrition and training that will get your hand out of the Cheetos bag and to the start of your first 5K  ready to run the whole distance and be as injury free as possible. We will learn about the correct shoes and what gear will help you the most and what gear is worthless.

Finished 1 or more 5k races and ready for something more challenging we will build a 10K or Half or Marathon system .